Functional Ankle Brace

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The Orthomen Functional Ankle Brace provides stability and compression to the ankle for all-day protection and pain relief. Delivering maximum support, this ankle brace also prevents and protects against future re-injury. The rigid uprights help immobilize the ankle to prevent further damage and allow for recovery. The Functional Ankle Brace is the best tool for overcoming ankle pain and swelling associated with sprain, strain, roll or ligament instability.


  • Medial/Lateral Ligament Damage, Instabilities, Sprains, Strains And Ankle Rolls
  • Apply Compression To The Ankle Reducing Pain And Swelling
  • Prevent Future Injury With Stirrup Design And Stays
  • Provide Maximum Support

Best For:          

      * Active Individuals * Basketball * Baseball  
      * Soccer * Tennis * Volleyball * Football 
      * Lacrosse * Hockey * Snowwboarding/Skiing 


  • Anatomically-contoured supporting shell with hinge joint
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure adjusts to swelling changes
  • Figure-of-eight straps as ankle taping enhance inversion/eversion support
  • Hinge design for normal gait activity
  • Specifically for right or left by anatomical design


        XS/S, M/L

Shoes (AUS Sizing): Men Women
XS/S Up to 7.5 3.5 - 8.5
M/L 7.5 - 11.5+ 9 - 12+

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